15 Uses of Mustard besides Food

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Mustard is collected from yellow colored mustard plants in the form of the seeds. These seeds, brown in color, are small and round in shape often used as a spice. These seeds are mixed with water and turned into a condiment after processing, are used as food. This condiment is known as prepared mustard. Mustard finds huge consumptions in fast food industry. However, there are many applications of mustard besides food. Its antioxidant nature, aroma and other properties raise its demands in applications other than food.

Mustard is used for healing purposes, for soft skin, for better hair and also helps in fighting diseases. Due to amazing properties, it has been under the use of mankind for centuries. Historical evidences prove that ancient Greeks and Romans also used mustard both for food and to fight diseases. Discussed below are some of the uses of mustard besides its consumption as a food item.

Healing purposes

Mustard has been found to possess healing properties. It helps in recovering from severe burns. It has a natural tendency to suck out all the heat and itching from your body parts which are burnt after coming in contact with heat. It is a common home based remedy for burns. It provides instant relief from pain and gives back the normal feelings.

Let us consider that it is your hand that got burnt after coming in contact with a burning hot kettle or anything. All you have got to do is place your hand in cold water first and then put a mustard paste on it properly. Within no time, mustard will take all the heat and burning out of your hand you will start feeling its soothing effects.

Removing bad smells

Do you also get annoyed with the bad odor from water bottles and other jars? The smell so bad that you often think of throwing these utensils out of your collection. Then worry no more. Captain Mustard is here to rescue you. Mustard has been bestowed with natural ingredients which take away bad odor. Its own sweet smell takes over the raw odor that is produced in bottles due to heat and humidity.

Boil water and add it into these bottles and jars. Add a few ground mustard seeds into the water containing bottle and shake well. Pour it out and rinse the bottle with fresh water. There you go. It’s gone. The bad smell is gone. Thank you, Captain Mustard!

Photo: By Veganbaking.net from USA (Mustard Seeds)


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