Helpful Tips to Increase Productivity

2 years ago
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Helpful Tips to Increase Productivity

Now that you are a expert of meditation techniques, your focus is the best it has ever been. It is time to use that focus and increase productivity. Your fresh start comprises of you being the most productive version of yourself both at work and at home. Productivity is one of those things that is never constant. There is always a way to improve it. All you need is some focus and smart planning.

How To Increase Productivity

So if you want to increase your productivity both personally and professionally, follows these helpful tips.

  • Create To-Do List

    If you want to increase productivity, you need to create reasonable to-do lists. You can track them by using programs such as Google Tasks.

  • Take A Break

    Take A Break To Increase Productivity

    Breaks help you recuperate. You are able to re-energize, and this allows you to focus when you get back to work. Without focus, an increase in productivity is almost impossible.

  • Get Sleep

    You cannot increase productivity on little sleep. Get your rest.

  • Exercise

    You cannot increase productivity if you do not have the energy or good health. Take care of yourself by exercising. Research has shown that taking a small walk at lunch can help boost your productivity for the rest of the day. Say No to that energy drink or that third cup of coffee and go for a little walk. Maybe walking meditation can help you focus as well.

  • Delegate Tasks

    Do not try to micro manage everything. You are spreading yourself too thin. Your quality of work will suffer. Delegating task is a key factor in increasing productivity. If your co worker can take care of tasks adequately, let them do it. If your sister can pick up your child from sporting practice, let her do it. You have to trust your coworkers and family. If you give them the resources they need, they can get the tasks done. It is okay to ask for help.

    Trust is not the only reason someone does not seek help. People who are introverts have a hard time being proactive and ask for help. If that is you, ask for help at least once a week. If you are afraid to do it in person, try email or text. As time goes on, up the times you ask for help and ask it in a more personal manner such as a phone call or in person. Most introverts do not ask because of fear. Texting and email help to alleviate the fear a little. Once that goes well, you will be more confident to ask for help in person.